”Life and taking photographs were pleasurable, simple and unpretentious.
This book is a tribute to all the people I met, and to that which was,
which never will be again. 

– Nina Korhonen


Happy Brooklyn 1988-93

One flight down in the basement the sauna was being heated up; one flight up the band from Puerto Rico was rehearsing for the upcoming Saturday party, and in the bar in between the atmosphere was already loud and cheerful and expectant; the place was steamy and smoky and languages and dialects were mixing there just as wildly as Eddie’s well drinks.

Everyone was there, one Wednesday evening among other Wednesday evenings, in the late autumn of 1988 at Imatra, the Finnish Community House on 40th Street, and a stone’s throw from Sunset Park in Brooklyn.


Stonhouse StreeT Clapham S.W.4

The family was unhappy with their dark and damp rented flat in Fitzwilliam Road with its outside toilet, so they contacted the council asking to rent a healthier place to live and were eventually offered 67 Stonhouse Street. The house had been damaged in the very first wave of Nazi bombings on London, but had been repaired after the war. It was an ordinary rather small, 2 up 2 down English terraced house, but it was light, had a little kitchen, bathroom with an indoor toilet and a garden. It felt to them then like paradise.

Albanian village life
Isniq 1976

Coming 2020.